This website is an electronic library of the jurisprudence, with an emphasis in public law.

     The main objective of the project - the publication of about 1000 constitutional texts of different countries and different eras in Russian, English, French, German, Spanish and other languages. Many of the texts - very rare. Some constitutions are translated into several languages.

     In addition, the site includes many texts that might be useful to lawyers and all those interested in questions of law - the classics of law, and thinkers of various ages, as well as reference and educational literature.

     The vast majority of materials are text files without illustrations, to facilitate downloading.

     All materials are available for free download and distributed freely and for free.

     Please note that the information is provided for guidance only and is taken from open sources. Any commercial use without permission from their copyright holders is prohibited! All rights reserved by authors and publishers *. In the case of objection by the holders disputed information will be immediately removed from the site.




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